this little jewelry co. originated in the heart of the Central Coast of California (Cayucos) >>>

PSJC's namesake came from the street I lived on in Santa Barbara, Ca many years ago and represents individuality and the freedom of choice - big & small.  the company now finds its home in Fresno, Ca. >>>

i thrive on crafting + collecting + creating / searching for beauty in the unexpected / & bringing together mixed metals + unique finds to share with you.  i hope that you enjoy the materials that have been curated and pieced together by me on my journey. >>>

inspired by natural beauty, endless culture, and the millions of moments in each of our lives..


PSJC is all about celebrating each moment, each tiny victory, and every step you get to take as you get wherever it is that you're going.

i hope that you enjoy the products that are created in honor of you, your adventures, and your right to decorate/express/beautify/&love yourself!

one last thing i'd like to share with you... as my mother always told me as a child, 

"be excellent to each other."

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